Have you ever thought why roughly 20% of world’s population live in poverty for under $2/day and roughly 70% of World’s population live under $3/day?

Why less than 1% of population controls and possesses 98% of world’s financial resources?

Is it fair that thousands of children die every day because they don’t have anything to eat or because they don’t have basic health care?

Is it even possible to break the system?

We think it is!

We created a patent-pending app that can destroy the system or at least make a huge dent in it. Swap Your Time app allows people to exchange their time with other people absolutely free using non-monetary currency called Time (T).

For example: if you want somebody to clean your house and you can provide something else in return like proof reading, mowing a lawn, providing legal advice, etc. Whatever it is, you can swap your time with the person offering cleaning service to you.

As a result, you exchanged services with each other and none of you paid any income taxes to the government or paid a cut to your boss or a third party.

When you earn money, you have to pay taxes on your income every year. With Swap Your Time, while you accumulate Time (T) in your account, you don’t. And you can sell your T to us anytime. We will buy it back from you!

Download our application today, break the system and spread the wealth between the people of the Universe!


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